Bring a better and greener alternative to a product that’s mass produced, mass consumed and mass trashed.

Approach the whole headphone experience from a totally different perspective, using natural materials and wooden ear cups for state of the art acoustic.

Offer a rugged, serviceable but still-classy design that will only get better as the headphone ages – thanks to their vintage RCA plugs!

Offer people the option of having their headphones personalized using their own materials! Repurpose dead skateboards, and upcycle them into unique headphones.


Most consumer products don’t withstand test of time. Either the technology becomes obsolete, they break down, are poorly designed or just fall out of fashion. Sadly, all too often, products are not disposed of properly and end up in the trash bin.

Since most headphones are essentially plastic, when they hit the landfill, they stay there. Forever! Even worse, plastic is now affecting the food chain and killing us straight from where all life began… the ocean!

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein

As a manufacturer, we have to see further down the road and adapt our products to the plastic menace we now all face. Our goal and vision is to bring back the plastic-free products we once enjoyed!


Locally grown headphones hand made in Canada. Committed to state of the art acoustics. Inspired by underground music, arts and skateboarding. Low Key Product Rejuvenation – Share the movement!