Shippings done!

All shippings for web presales were finished yesterday right in time for Christmas.
We thank you all for your patience. New production will be ready on January 20th and we are now accepting orders. Gift cards are still available!

Here are some pictures of the production run we just shipped.

IMG_3707_adjust (Medium)

IMG_3713 (Medium)

IMG_3882 (Medium) IMG_3858 (Medium) IMG_3852 (Medium) IMG_3834 (Medium) IMG_3828 (Medium) IMG_3825 (Medium) IMG_3813 (Medium) IMG_3810_1_2_fused (Medium) IMG_3773 (Medium) IMG_3765_adjust (Medium) IMG_3756 (Medium) IMG_3738 (Medium) IMG_3735_adjust (Medium) IMG_3727 (Medium) IMG_3719 (Medium)

jfShippings done!