Serviceable, reliable, efficient, hand made in Canada in a human scale process with the customer’s satisfaction in mind: Not the kind of approach often seen these days.



Wood: Rock Hard Canadian Maple. 

The ear cups and baffles are made from locally grown hard Canadian maple provided by FSC certified suppliers. Maple is durable, solid and provides a unique detailed tone. Each ear cup is sealed with a water-based low-VOC finish for lifelong durability with minimal pollution. Maple’s high density also offers very good natural insulation from external noises, providing natural isolation.

Metal: because it’s not plastic!

Hardware made from lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum for a virtually unbreakable design.
Steel structure made from high-memory spring steel formed to keep the right amount of pressure on your ears use after use.

Natural Leather: because it’s natural.

Ear pads: thin, breathable sheepskin leather that feels light and won’t leave your ears sweaty and greasy. Soft antibacterial memory foam for better compliance and sound seal.
Headband: matte black or natural brown leather. Form the headband to fit the curve of your head for an optimal comfort.

RCA plugs: for its simplicity, reliability and availability.

Since most headphone failures have to do with the cable, this design simplifies cable replacement and minimizes the risk of accidental cable breakage. Should the cable fail, replacements are easy to find at any electronics store.

Plastic: kept to a minimum. Our goal is to reduce it to next to none in the near future. 


The sound is full, engaging, warm and crisp, and reveals all the subtle reverbs of the recording room. We use high quality hi-fi 40 mm drivers to reproduce sound with natural ease with minimal noise and distortion.



  • Type: Over ear, 77mm diameter
  • Diaphragm: 40mm cellulose microfibers,  free edge
  • Frequency range: 7Hz – 24000Hz
  • Efficiency: 112dB/mW at 1kHz
  • THD: < 0.2% for 92dB at 1kHz, < 0.1% for 92dB between 2kHz and 10kHz
  • Nominal power: Only 0.033mW needed to reach 100dB optimal listening loudness
  • Maximum input power: 1.3W max, avoid reaching above 0.5W.
  • Impedance: 20 Ohms @ 1kHz, optimized for portable devices, computers and other low impedance AMPs and DACs. Please use in-line impedance adapter or attenuator for higher output impedance amplifiers to achieve optimal performance.
  • Weight: 246g without cable
  • Country of origin: Canada
  • Materials: FSC Canadian maple cups and baffles, cow leather headband, sheepskin leather earpads, spring steel wire arch and yokes, aircraft grade aluminum sliders, gold-plated copper connectors, silver-plated copper internal wiring, copper-clad windings, neodymium alloy magnet, stainless steel baffle grill, less than 10g of plastics (PTFE electrical isolations, antibacterial memory foam, molded diaphragm frame, earpads backing lap).



 Frequency Response 

LKPR headphones are designed for enjoyment of any kind of music.  They are well balanced and voiced with a slight emphasis where it matter the most in the spectrum (bass, mid, highs) to ease listening of every single instrument in the mix and solidly position the voice. The bass is natural and the highs are vivid but not harsh. We are giving the frequency response in a matter of transparency and honesty in the hope customers are educated enough about sound to understand that a flat response just sounds dull and sterile.

For any question, please contact us.



  • Revision: 1.1, as of early 2015 production:
    Inner cup profile slightly changed to close the connector area for a better sound consistency.
  • Revision: 1.0, as of all year 2014 product
    Initial Kickstarter and web pre-sales release.

Cup revision 1.1